How can I join the Climate Action Year -project?

The easiest way is to simply start making social media posts titled Climate Action x / 365 (or x /52 or x / 12), depending on whether you aim to publish something every day, every week or every month. Then just replace the x with the number of your post. In the post content describe the action and the preparations you took for the action. Coming up with various climate actions can be exciting and fun, so try to deliver that message to the readers. We want to get as many people as possible interested in this topic, not to turn them away.

What if I want to post on this website?

Just ask for a user account from Marko Koskinen ( and then start posting as you would to the social media described above. Optimally you could do both.

About posting on social media

When posting your actions on social media, you can also use the hashtag #CAY.

How do I post on this website?

After you get your account, login with your username and password in the following address:

Then click Posts on the left top corner

Then click Add New -button to add a new post.

Then write your Title and the Post content. You can add images from the Add Media -button.

Then check the Categories that best suit your Climate Action from the Categories list on the right side of the screen. You can select multiple categories.