Welcome to the Climate Action Year -project website! The purpose of the Climate Action Year is to share various actions that anybody can take in order to prevent the climate crisis that is already on our doorstep.

You can join the project by starting your own Climage Action Year by posting on the social media every day for one year about what actions you took that particular day. You can title your post e.g. “Climate Action 30 / 365”.

Photo by Markus Spiske temporausch.com from Pexels

Please include the following text to your posts “Climate Action Year is a campaign where anyone can decide to dedicate one year to the betterment of the environment by making at least one Climate Action per day for one year and sharing that action in the social media. Feel free start your own year of Climate Action!”.

You can also link this website, but that is totally optional.

I aim to create a comprehensive database of the actions here on this website, but that is to come. Keep checking in.

– Marko Koskinen, Finland
1st October 2019